Tell your MP: make ending homelessness a priority

Some of the main party leaders are already setting out their priorities ahead of a general election. Sir Keir Starmer has set out his 'five missions'. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has launched his 'five pledges'.  

But no party leader has made ending homelessness a priority. We have to change this – and your MP can make a crucial difference.

Because right now, almost a quarter of a million households are experiencing homelessness across England. Soaring bills, rising rents, and a sheer lack of truly affordable housing is making it harder for us all to have a safe, secure and affordable home. This simply isn’t right.

The next few months are crucial. All political parties will be deciding the policies with which they'll fight the next general election. If we all speak with one voice, we can show politicians that people across the country want action on homelessness.  

Action like increasing the supply of genuinely affordable homes and making sure that those of us facing homelessness can afford our rent.

Your MP can influence this process, but they need to know that constituents like you are counting on them to do so.

Will you ask your MP to write to their party leader and tell them to make ending homelessness a priority?

What should my MP call for to end homelessness?

We’re calling for the UK Government and all political parties to commit to a national mission to end all forms of homelessness.

This means:

  • Ending homelessness by increasing the supply of truly affordable, decent homes.
  • Urgent action to support people who would otherwise be forced into the worst forms of homelessness, like sleeping rough   
  • Fixing the welfare, health and homelessness systems for the long-term

If you don’t have a permanent or fixed address with a postcode, you could use the postcode of a location where you spend a lot of your time (during the day or night). This might be a day service or night shelter, for example.

May we contact you?

Your support means a lot to Crisis. Together we can do amazing things to end homelessness and transform lives.

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