Write to your Police and Crime Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) represent police force areas across England and Wales. PCCs are elected by the public to be the voice of the people in their area and they are accountable for how crime is tackled in their police force area. They are responsible for: 

•  Setting the strategic direction and accountability for policing, including consulting and involving the public 
•  Working with partners to prevent and tackle crime, including promoting and enabling joined-up working on community safety 
•  Ensuring that public priorities are acted upon and that the most vulnerable individuals are not overlooked 
•  Being responsible for all police funding, and ensuring value for money.

You can help by asking your PCC to publicly support the campaign to scrap the Vagrancy Act in England and Wales, and to ensure their local police forces aren’t criminalising people for being homeless.

Get started by filling in your details on the right. A local address is needed to look up your local PCC. If you don’t have permanent or fixed address with a postcode, you could use the postcode of a location where you spend a lot of your time (during the day or night). This might be a day service or night shelter, for example. On the next page, you'll find some tips for writing an email to your PCC.

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