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Many survivors of domestic abuse leave their home to escape a dangerous partner. But right now, not everyone fleeing domestic abuse in England is guaranteed a safe and settled home from their council. 

Because people fleeing domestic abuse aren’t automatically considered in ‘priority need’ in England, they are required to provide evidence that they are vulnerable, because of the abuse that they’ve suffered. That can mean having to go back to an abusive partner, or to provide a criminal reference number – a huge challenge when many survivors are too frightened to report abuse to the police. 

Without this, councils have no legal duty to provide them with safe and settled housing. 

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Change is possible.

The Government is asking for your views on a new proposal to help people fleeing domestic abuse access short term forms of housing. While we really welcome the proposals, we believe that they are missing a vital opportunity to make sure that everyone fleeing domestic abuse has access to a safe permanent house so they can start to rebuild their lives, and that they are not put at risk of homelessness in the future.  

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