Add your support for the legal changes to ensure a Home For All

Paul is a Crisis client whose marriage breakdown affected his mental and physical health to an extent that he lost his job on medical grounds. Because he has no recourse to public funds – which means he is unable to access any public assistance as condition of his immigration status he was left with no support and lost his home as a result. He was sofa surfing until the pandemic left him with nowhere to sleep but the streets. During the outbreak these legal barriers were removed, and he could access hotel accommodation to keep safe. But now he worries about what will happen next as these temporary measures risk ending. 

That's why, as part of our Home For All campaign, we’ve joined Paul in calling on the UK Government to introduce emergency homelessness legislation to make the legal changes needed to ensure everyone can have the certainty and security of a safe and settled home.  

Governments across the UK, councils and homelessness charities have taken bold action over the last months to help thousands of people sleeping rough off our streets and into safe emergency accommodation. But now we’re at a crossroads where the future of this accommodation is looking uncertain, and the existing legal barriers often lock people out of the support they need to escape homelessness, including people with no recourse to public funds. 

We need your support for an emergency Bill that would ensure people like Paul with nowhere safe to stay can access emergency accommodationprevent homelessness by suspending the benefit cap so that people can cover their rent and give judges greater powers to halt evictions in England during these difficult times. 

Will add your name to show the UK Government how many people are calling for the legal changes needed to ensure a Home For All?

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