No one should be homeless, no matter where they are from

Add your name to join our urgent campaign to support the thousands of EU citizens living in Britain who are facing homelessness.

But not everyone living in Britain is able to access the help they need to leave homelessness behind for good. 

Losing a job, experiencing health issues or a bereavement, or being exploited at work can put people at risk of homelessness. 

But many EU citizens living here struggle to access the system of housing, homelessness or employment support they need when something like a job loss hits, due to rules limiting who can get help. 

This makes EU citizens living in Britain almost twice as likely to experience homelessness as the rest of the population.

And almost three times as likely to be forced into sleeping rough

It’s unacceptable that anyone facing homelessness in Britain is struggling to access the support they need. We can’t let this continue. 

This puts at risk the Government’s own goal of ending rough sleeping in England by 2024.

And it means more people face being stuck in homelessness and at risk of exploitation. 

That’s why we’re calling on the Government in Westminster to provide emergency accommodation and employment support to help EU citizens move on from homelessness and build back their lives. 

We need you to stand with us. Add your name to join our urgent campaign for a bespoke package of support for the thousands of EU citizens living in Britain facing homelessness.

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To the UK government: Ending homelessness will only be possible if we tackle it for everyone. Give EU citizens who are facing homelessness the housing and employment help they need to rebuild their lives and stop the cycle of homelessness.

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